Reading challenge newbie

The only reason I have decided to do this reading challenge is because of this amazing artwork by CW who blogs at Read, think, ponder. I fell in love with it when I saw it on my Twitter feed. Followed all the links back to the creator/organiser of the reading quest – Aentee @Read at midnight. 
reading-quest-board1The challenge is very simple   – choose from one of four characters and follow their designated path on the game board. All the details can be found on Aentee’s blog at the sign up page.

It was difficult to choose a character but after a few days of mulling and musing I have chosen the path of the Mage – a magician or learned person! I don’t think there is anything more magical in the world than a book…you get to live different lives, explore unseen worlds, soar up to the greatest heights, learn from the masters, fall in love a million times over, be inspired to tread your own path. I could go on but I think you get the picture! 🙂

The reading quest

The next challenging bit was deciding on the books that I would be reading. Most of the books that are on my TBR are YA and they all fit in to these categories very neatly. But that was just too easy so I hit the library OPAC, browsed the shelves and found a couple of ‘grown-up’ books to supplement my YA reading.

A book with a one word title : Magician/ Raymond E Feist  

A book set in a different world : The copper promise/ Jen Williams

A book based on mythology : Magnus Chase: the sword of summer/ Rick Riordan or Norse mythology/ Neil Gaiman

A book that contains magic : The alchemyst/ Michael Scott

The first book in a series : Throne of Glass/ Sarah J Maas



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